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Release Date: 
1 The Whip Hand (4:49)
2 Aegis (5:11)
3 Dyslexicon (4:22)
4 Empty Vessels Make The Loudest Sound (6:43)
5 The Malkin Jewel (4:44)
6 Lapochka (4:16)
7 In Absentia (7:26)
8 Imago (3:58)
9 Molochwalker (3:33)
10 Trinkets Pale of Moon (4:25)
11 Vedamalady (3:54)
12 Noctourniquet (5:39)
13 Zed And Two Naughts (5:36)
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This album always gives me goosebumps. One of their most interesting and emotionally powerful releases so far. Thank you The Mars Volta. This is some crazy good stuff. I'm still trying to figure out how they do it.

what an amazing album this is, i can't stop listening it

this album sucks. they suck only if they could put something good out. which would be the first time. omar barely has respect

With "Noctourniquet" it´s the same effect as always with The Mars Volta- Albums for me. First I wouldn´t like most of the songs, because they sound strange and are full of distructive, disharmonious parts. When I want to give the cd back to the store almost, I would give it a second and a third chance usually. Slowly the beats, sounds and melodys get more catchy and seductive. My imagination gets clicked and kicked in funny ways, and soon I cannot stop listen to the constuction and deconstruction of volta´s music anymore. Then I realize the good old energy (which is locked differently in every piece of volta´s music since the first album) comming over me, driving me out of time right into the open space. Finally the relation between me and the songs goes deeper then with the kind of music which was rushing right into my head the first moment. Very seldom I´ve earworms from Mars Volta, therefor the time of listening is rare and unique. I want to make a big compliment, espacially because your wild krautrock music turned to be more patient since "Octahedron". Eventhough I always liked the wild, fast and anarchical rock parts in your music it sometimes sounds even more powerful now that you´re putting more slowly, silently growing melodical compositions into your songs.

Nice Greetings from Germany, Bremen

P.S. Beside "Can", which you maybe already know from the german krautrock scene, I would recommend two almost unknown bands from the 70ies. The first is "Embryo" and the second is "Kraan".

Only got to track 6 and I'm crying. One of the best records I've heard in a long time. Dyslexicon being the high point so far!


No puedo esperar a que salgo ...... "The Malkin Jewel" me ha dejado con ganas de más !!!!