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1 Vicarious Atonement
2 Tetragrammaton
3 Vermicide
4 Meccamputechture
5 Asilos Magdalena
6 Viscera Eyes
7 Day of the Baphomets
8 El Ciervo Vulnerado
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This monster confuses me in all the right ways. Delicious. Love the vocals and lyrics most of all here. They're surreal, provocative and ever so slightly disturbing. Amputecture kind of makes me feel like I'm stuck in a desert on some foreign planet with a bunch of tweaked out jazz musicians. Listen to it you humanoid! Support the madness!

Best album of all time.....amazing, simply brilliant, hypnotic voice and omg this album containt the very best guitar playing, i just cant get enough, almost like Omar is a robot...too me, it perfection. And Cedric, you are my inspiration, too bad you guys never come to Canada, id give everything i have just to see you live.

One of the best records I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Everything else by the band is amazing but this album was their first departure from what even their fans expected, and they took a nose-dive into pure awesomeness.

The album is brilliant, one of the best I've ever heard. For now, the Mars Volta's best in my opinion.
Hopefully the next album out soon.

Akapruskapruska !


Definitely my favourite too

Easily my favorite album. Brilliant.

Track listing is out of order. This is my favorite album of all time :) Its AMAZING!!!

As much as i love everyone of their albums Amputechture is my favorite. I seen them when they went on tour with this cd in 06 with the Peppers in Montreal and it was great. Blake was on drums which was alright but i would want to see Jon or Thmoas instead but it was still great. The Volta said this album is like their "autistic child". lol i could not have but it better. peace out from Cape Breton Nova Scotia.