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1 Since We've Been Wrong
2 Teflon
3 Halo of Nembutals
4 With Twilight as My Guide
5 Cotopaxi
6 Desperate Graves
7 Copernicus
8 Luciforms
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Frances The Mute was going deep into the Kill Bill Vol. 2 universe, and everything happened in that sort of small-and-isolated-desertish-kind-of-a-place.

And then came Amputechture, that took us to some awkward Villa inhabited by Giants and bandits of bizarre, leaving everybody wounded there, lost (and marvelled) beneath a striking sun...

Bedlam In Goliath...well, a detour, sort of speaking, to an halucination on the Middle-East placed on the same desert we were in Amputechture, but with double-visions of two Mars Voltas playing together and in a wacked frenzy.

So, here we are now in Octahedron, a nightish album for sure. It is a rest in the night of the desert, surrounded by ponchos and peyote experiences, awaiting for something to come - and it does, in Luciforms, a kind of return to the scenario of Frances the Mute.

Where are they taking us now?

Very good new album!!!

I hope they just keep on releasing albums

I've beeen inspired with there music as well as there writing, these guys have changed my life.

they opened my eyes and made me realize that music is an art, rather than a song being played on

the radio a kagillion Times!! this album is amazing, i have all of there albums, but i don't have a

favorite...but the most meaningful album(s) to me are "frances the mute" and "Deloused"...

I love all of there albums including OCTAHEDRON!!! if u don't have it, get it!!

keeep on rocking guys!! VIVA LA MARS VOLTA!!! -F@b!@n

P.S. cedric and omar!!! u guys have to do a show in phoenix, AZ soon!!! LOL

Yeah, this album is great!
Hope they'll come in Quebec this year..

the paintings it's ...

Halo of Nembutals = Epic

This album is obscure... and great, the only strange sound to me is in Copernicus... sounds like DJ's scratchings??? the rest is excellent keep been The Mars Volta... and greetings from México!!!

Great album!!!I'm very happy!!! TMV Well done!!!

album is different from the one before. and thats what makes the mars volta my band of choice, forget steryotypes. do what u feel.


with twilight as my guide.