The Mars Volta play Chile and Brazil

The Mars Volta play Chile and Brazil

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The Mars Volta is playing SWU Music and Arts Festival on October 9th in Sao Paulo, Brazil and the Maquinaria Festival in Santiago, Chile on October 11th.

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mars muhteşem bir video
ellerin dert görmesin dostum bu dünyada bir mars var birde pasta kurabiye buradaki yaş pastalardan yapacağım yemek isteyen gelsin istanbul

Great concert last October in Chile, it was awesome!
I have been in your concert the three times that you have came!
I'm still expecting your own concert, for hearing you like 3 hours in a row!

It was awesome that in this last concert you played songs from your first album, i was surprised but it was awesome!

Hoping you will release a sixth album very soon and that you came to chile once again!

Thank you guys, you were excellent! To listen to your music in a concert is something unique! This is my first time in your concert. You have lots of fans here, wondering... when is gonna be the day that you play alone and not with others bands!

Thank you for coming, we´re expecting a concert only you guys playing! ;)

I REALLY enjoy your music. From the band it self and the side projects. After i missed your first show here in Brazil (2004), i expected to hear the material from 6 years to now (since "frances the mute"). But you really could played the songs from the albuns that released after the first concert here. Only the hot ones, since this a pocket show.

Besides that the first half of the setlist was great. Congratulations for your success!

(sorry for inglechi)

You guys were fuckin awesome, what a show!!

The Setlist was PERFECT!!

Please come back some day, you're DOPE, GREAT and UNIQUE!!

See you next time!

keep the good work guys!

Guys, come back to Brasil anytime with a concert of 3 hours or more! hahahaha. The concert in SWU was incredible, but too short, I went to this festival only because of The Mars Volta! ahaha Congrats!

Guys, thanks for coming to Brazil, and please come back anytime.
Your music is part of my life for ages now, since At The Drive In.
I read somewhere about At The Drive In and Glassjaw... and man, that was it!
Thank you so much!

You'd make me the happiest girl in the entire world if you play "Asilos magdalena" (:






Come over, please, you are so close!

Siempre bevenidos, se quierem pode quedar en mi casa.

Congratulations tmv, thanks for play at Brasil, I didnt went to the show but I saw in TV, haah the mistake in goliath and the and the desorientacion total with the drummer, but it was very good.
I feel sorry cos the sohw was short, I want more, cuold you play at Rio de Janeiro a TMV showe not a festival, it would be great.

Cedric you are a lil bit chubby :D
Omar , gracias a ti, I'd read you lips at the end of show.

tmv destroy, gracias.MUchas gracias

You guys are freak! Thanks for coming, hope to watch you live again soon!

The Mars Volta Será Sempre Bem Vindo Ao Brasil!!!


Por favor!!! Les queda de pasada..!! Vengan a Buenos Aires...! Necesitamos de su música!! Urgente!!!! Saludos!!

Voltem ano que vem pro festival !!

Por favor...

Vocês são muito fodas!

Por favorrr.. vengan a Colombiaa..!!

Muchachos!! Por favor... vengan por estas tierras. Les queda a mano entre la gira! Necesitamos de su grandeza! POR FAVOR

Since the day I first heard Day of the Baphomets that I've been waiting for you to come to my country, and now it is really going to happen! Can't wait for it.
The only "problem" is that I would kill someone to hear songs like "Tetragrammaton", "Day of the Baphomets", "Cygnus.... Vismund Cygnus" or, above all, the best song ever written (for me at least), "Cassandra Gemini", but I've checked the last setlists that you were playing back in January and none of that was happening... Then, I linked that with the fact that Terrazas González left the band, and it appears that you are never going to play those songs anymore :(...

I don't really think that you are going to read this, but if you do, please bring him back, he was an important part of you guys! Octahedron is ok, but include something of Amputechture on the setlist, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!!!!

This is gonna be my second time that I'm going to ur concert. It's so great!
Cya on monday!

Are you guys doing those shows and thats it?! Arent you playing with QOTSA and RATM at Argentina?!??! PLeeease do so! It would be a shame not to have the privilegio once more, carajo!!!!
Come te Argentina!!!!!!!!

Santiago de Chile.