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1 Since We've Been Wrong
2 Teflon
3 Halo of Nembutals
4 With Twilight as My Guide
5 Cotopaxi
6 Desperate Graves
7 Copernicus
8 Luciforms
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I am glad to see the great work here. The environment is so important and we need to make everybody aware of it.

S Buckinghams

Ok this album is the best since De-loused! Please stick with this platform. I can't stop listening to it. don't get me wrong i love all your music but i can't get enough of the chill type songs your guys write! You can just lay back and dream threw this whole album :)..... Please release the second half soon

And why you never come in France ?
cause of my previous statement maybe ;)

I've always been a big fan. Like every body else i've had my biggest orgasms on your first 2 albums and scabdates which were amazing. I'm not with the ones who says "past is better" but Amputchture and Octahedron are too much messy. Songs don't sound right to me. There's a balance between the clean and the freestyle you loose a bit (btw Cedric voice is often too anarchic recently). With Bedlam in Goliath, i'll say the same with some exceptions as Ouroboros or Agadez. In those songs, I find the power and the variations from the beginning which makes you geniuses.

The best album, right before the debut one.

Este disco es indescriptible. El mejor rock que he escuchado alguna vez. Tiene una elaboración de altísimo nivel. Me llevan a otro planeta con esta música. Estoy enamorado de su banda. Sigan trabajando así, están haciendo historia.

u guys' music is lik an orgasm to my ears . ive never heard such power and feeling in in you guys' lyrics as well as your music . u guys surpass my defintintion of perfect.. <3 Love from Cali..